A good time for ‘constitutional’ treatment

autumn_leaves_199997Autumn is here and some clients are already contacting me to ask for homeopathy treatment to help keep them and/or their children healthy during the autumn and winter months. This is what’s known in homeopathy as ‘constitutional’ treatment – a consultation and course of individually selected remedies to boost your immune system and help prevent illnesses such as winter coughs and colds taking hold. You may have benefitted from this in the past or you may want to consider it now even if you don’t feel that there is currently anything in particular wrong with your health. Constitutional treatment is a great way to look after your health in a positive and pro-active way – you could perhaps see it as a gift to yourself, a way of caring for your health needs in a way that’s gentle and deeply restorative.

If you do decide to come and see me for constitutional treatment, you may be aware beforehand of what you want to address in the session. On the other hand, you may feel that there’s nothing particularly wrong, but in the quiet space of the consulting room away from the hustle and bustle of life, you can get in touch with emotional or life issues, which perhaps haven’t come to the surface before. In this quiet space, which allows me to listen to your story, and prescribe homeopathic remedies chosen specifically for you, the beginning of a deeper healing journey can take place which may strengthen your health and well being in ways that surprise you.

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