About me

A bit on my background

Hilary Fairclough

I decided to train as a homeopath because of my experience in the NHS. As a nurse I saw many people benefit from their treatment but many with chronic illnesses suffer from the toxic interactions and side-effects of conventional medicine. I thought that there had to be a system of medicine which promoted well-being and which took into account the experience of illness not just the physical symptoms produced. I found this medicine in Homeopathy – both the theory and practice of it fitted my own philosophy.  Of course before training I tried it myself for a long-standing health issue – and it worked!

I trained in homeopathy at the London College of Classical Homeopathy, qualifying in 1995.  I am a fully insured and registered member of the Society of Homeopaths and I undergo regular professional supervision. In March 2016 I was elected to be a Director of the Society of Homeopaths. The Society of Homeopaths is the main professional body representing homeopaths in the UK and it is a privilege to have been elected to represent its members and promote homeopathy nationally as a valuable and important complementary medicine.

Before training as a homeopath I gained a degree in sociology at Sheffield University then worked as a nurse in the NHS for 10 years specialising in community nursing, palliative cancer care and nurse lecturing. I trained as a bereavement counsellor with the Royal London Hospital Bereavement Service which was set up by Colin Murray Parkes, a psychiatrist there and the author of numerous books and publications on grief. Since qualifying as a homeopath I have set up two NHS Homeopathy Clinics and have run a private practice from various clinics in London, Penzance and more recently Brighton.

I was the Founder and Director of The Maun Homeopathy Project, a registered charity which provided free homeopathic outreach clinics for people living with HIV and AIDS in Maun, Botswana, from 2002-2018. In 2010 I received the Society of Homeopath’s “Outstanding Achievement Award” for my work in setting up and running this charity.

As a professional homeopath for over 20 years I have extensive experience in treating adults, children and babies with a wide range of physical and emotional problems. I draw on the experiences I gained both as a nurse, bereavement counsellor and my practice in Botswana. There I developed a system of homeopathic prescribing called the Triad Method for people living with complex health conditions – either chronic physical illness or deep emotional trauma. I have recently had a book, The Triad Method; treating complex cases from grassroots to clinic, published by the Winter Press.

I have taught student homeopaths regularly at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, and I have run many post-graduate seminar days for registered homeopathsMy teaching has centred on the principles and application of the “Triad Method” of prescribing, the art of homeopathy, the ‘matridonal’ remedies and a new look at the homeopathic ‘female’ remedies.  I have also taught the practice of homeopathic supervision for registered homeopaths.

I practice homeopathy as a science and an art, drawing on both sound knowledge and intuition to make the right prescription for you. I also know that the process of coming to see me for the homeopathy consultation can be healing in itself – I provide a safe, non-judgmental and comfortable space in my clinics where you can talk about what is troubling you and be heard by me with compassion and insight.