Homeopathy is a holistic system of healing, developed by Samuel Hahnemann, a brilliant doctor, in 1796.  Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources, mostly plants, minerals, and metals which undergo a process of ‘potentisation’. This creates tiny doses which have a vital therapeutic action, stimulating the body’s own healing power. Homeopathy is a safe medicine: there is no danger of addiction, toxicity or side-effects. It is therefore popular with everyone including older people, mothers, children and babies.

According to the World Health Organisation homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine for primary health care used world-wide. It is particularly popular in Europe, India and South America and it is covered by national healthcare systems in many countries. Over 30 million people in Europe use homeopathic medicine. There is much research which has been carried out into the efficacy of homeopathy – for more information please visit the Society of Homeopaths website.

Homeopathy has as one of its central concepts the ‘Vital Force’. This is our core energy (called ‘Chi’ in Chinese Medicine) which according to homeopathic philosophy keeps us symptom-free, healthy and vibrant when functioning well. Our Vital Force can be negatively affected by stress, inherited susceptibilities as well as environmental pollutants and toxins. Therefore homeopathic treatment attempts to strengthen the Vital Force through accurate and timely homeopathic treatments. It is a subtle yet powerful therapy which can correct small imbalances in health long before the appearance of more serious disease symptoms.

Many of my clients have chosen to have homeopathy regularly with me through their lives and although there are some health issues that homeopathy cannot prevent, my clients tell me that they stay and feel well when they have regular consultations with me and that they value the person-centred health approach which I give.