Stay well without antibiotics

can-stock-photo_csp8677100With winter upon us, it is likely that some of you or your children may suffer from upper respiratory infections (coughs, colds, bronchitis) or ear infections. Clients who see me regularly tell me that they feel and stay well almost always without having to resort to antibiotics. So do think about booking in to see me for an appointment – you may be suffering from a cough or cold that won’t shift or you may want to give your immune system a seasonal boost.

Although most cases of upper respiratory chest infections and ear infections are mild and resolve without treatment, these infections cause distress for you or your child, are costly in terms of time off work and may keep recurring. Evidenced-based research suggesting that homeopathy can be used to treat these infections and that it helps to prevent the onset of complications.

There is also increasing widespread concern over the routine prescribing of antibiotics and their impact on flora of the gut and the immune system. The problem of antibiotic resistance remains very high on the global health agenda but despite years of repeated warnings about the dangers of unnecessary use, total antibiotic consumption increased by 6.5% from 2011 to 2014 (NICE, 2016).

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