Your consultation

homeopathy remedies

Homeopathy is a ‘listening medicine’ and as a homeopath I am a sensitive and skilled listener. So in your homeopathy consultation I will give you the time and space to tell your story and I will hear and record your description of your symptoms. We can explore together what your health issues are and develop a healing partnership, through which you, me and the homeopathic remedies work together to restore your well-being and help you to resolve whatever is holding you back from having a fully healthy and creative life.

Homeopathy treats you not your disease or its symptoms so in the consultation I will ask you questions which might seem unrelated to the problem you have come to see me about. For example I will want to find out about your sleep, energy levels, appetite, health history, stresses and mood as well as any physical symptoms you might be suffering. This takes time so the first consultation lasts 90 minutes. Follow-up consultations which are at 3-6 weekly intervals last 45 minutes.

During the consultation I will make and record observations eg of a skin rash and I may take your blood pressure, but otherwise I don’t do any physical examinations or tests.  Instead I listen to your description of how you are experiencing your body being out of balance.

Homeopathy treats the whole person – the remedies stimulate your natural healing capacity and gently help restore balance, health and well-being. During your consultation I not only listen to you describing your particular health issue but make links where appropriate between the onset of physical symptoms and particular stresses, shocks or toxicity you may have experienced at that time. I have a holistic approach, always looking at your whole health ‘picture’, and using the philosophy that everything is connected so that I can help heal your body’s learned patterns of responding – whether on an emotional or physical level.

Using knowledge gained from my nursing background I will offer the homeopathy prescription alongside any medication prescribed by your doctor or as an alternative to it, depending on the seriousness of your complaint. For example I have treated many clients with cancer alongside their chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy to provide support and the alleviation of side-effects. If appropriate I can help you to reduce medications with homeopathy and with the consent of your doctor. We can discuss these and other options at your consultation where I will suggest and individual plan of care for you.

My Charges: please contact me for details as they vary between the different locations where I practice.  All homeopathic medicines are included in the basic cost. Individualised remedy kits to support through childbirth or post-operative healing will be charged separately.