My approach

approachMy approach is individual, flexible and complementary. I trained as a classical homeopath which means aiming to address all aspects of your health with one remedy at a time by finding the ‘similimum’. However as I gained experience, developed my intuition and continued to study homeopathy I started to prescribe more than one remedy at each consultation. This approach seemed to suit my clients who were consulting me with complex health issues and I felt I was able to give as much support as possible for their healing.

When I started visiting Botswana and set up the Maun Homeopathy Project in 2002 I faced the challenge of treating people living with HIV and AIDS. There I developed the “Triad Method of Prescribing” which addresses three main layers of health to give as much homeopathic healing support as possible to clients who were struggling with a life-threatening condition. This approach does not attempt to cure HIV or AIDS but rather aims to support the individual living with the many stresses of this debilitating disease. The Maun Homeopathy Project has now been running for 10 years and along with the other volunteer homeopaths we have treated over 3,000 people there.

My approach is individual. Strengthened by my experience in Botswana I started to use the Triad Method of Prescribing for my clients in the UK. With this method I specialise in treating people with complex health issues for example layers including a chronic physical health problem, stress / emotional trauma and/or a history of taking conventional medications. In essence three remedies are given at each consultation to address three main layers of your health. The first layer is your main complaint, the most acute problem that is bothering you. The second layer is the whole picture of your health including any stresses and mood or emotional imbalances – this is known as the ‘constitutional’ or ‘fundamental’ layer and is the only prescription that classical homeopaths make. The third layer is the miasmatic layer. Miasms are an aspect of homeopathic philosophy which explains why we are susceptible to particular illnesses or diseases. They are mostly inherited susceptibilities so in your consultation I will ask about your family medical history to gain an overview of which miasms need addressing. The miasmatic prescription underpins the other two prescriptions as well as aiming to strengthen your core health and vitality – your Vital Force.  All three prescriptions are chosen to suit your unique individual make up.

My approach is flexible: At the end of your consultation I will give you 3 different remedies to take alternating either daily or weekly depending on the intensity of your complaint. This prescription will cover you for a month. When starting treatment with me I like to suggest that you commit to three consultations (another triad!) every 4-6 weeks as this gives our healing partnership its best chance to work deeply and long lastingly. After that you can chose to have regular consultations with me if you have a long-standing, deep-seated complaint and/or are going through a particularly stressful time. Or you can chose to book in to see me in the future if and when you need to do so. I am also available via the phone and email between appointments if you need any extra advice or support. And if you are on the move I can offer full consultations by phone or Skype too.

My approach is complementary: I treat many clients who want to avoid taking conventional medicine and choose homeopathy as a way to do this. But some clients do take regular conventional drugs, prescribed by their doctor and necessary for their health. They choose to consult me for support around such issues as stress, side-effects, fatigue, low energy levels or other complaints that can’t be addressed by conventional medicine. I have found that when necessary the complementary approach works very well. Conventional medicine has a very important function for our health but doctors often don’t have the time to listen or take a fully holistic approach to your health issue. This is what I can offer you alongside any conventional medicine you are taking – and there are no negative interactions as conventional and homeopathic medicines works in different ways. Conventional medicine aims to eliminate the symptom or imbalance whereas homeopathy acts as an energetic stimulus to gently encourage the body to heal itself.