I was diagnosed with breast cancer last November and have had regular consultations with Hilary to support me both physically and emotionally through surgery and chemotherapy. Hilary has been amazingly flexible, working around my treatments and I’ve had none of the major side effects that can occur with chemotherapy. People say I seem incredibly well considering my condition – I believe this is testimony to the homeopathic support I have received alongside conventional treatment.

Jane Anderson

I’ve been seeing a homeopath, Hilary Fairclough, who’s fabulous and has been treating me since about 1998.  It’s helped me through some really difficult patches in my life and it’s really supportive without being intrusive.  I would go to my homeopath before my doctor, unless it’s something really serious.  I’ve tried most alternative therapies available and the one that I’ve stuck with is homeopathy and I think I will always use that.

Hilary is a kind, instinctive and supportive healer and I have become indebted to her over the years for her work. I have found she not only nails it but nails it with care.

Jayne Middlemiss

Hilary has been my go-to health practitioner for 10 years. She has guided me through personal trauma, acute physical ailments, pregnancy and childbirth and is our first port of call for our children’s health and well being. Her knowledge is profound and her approach is always compassionate and open minded. I couldn’t imagine our lives without her support.

Laura Clunie

Hilary has treated me and all my family for the last 15 years. She supported me through my pregnancies and has treated my kids from birth. She has been an enormous strength and support. We all love Hilary – what a fantastic person and practitioner!

Liz Midgley

For over 15 years Hilary has helped me through both minor illnesses and major setbacks.  Her calm sense, support and reassurance are invaluable.

Deborah L

Hilary has supported me through thick and thin for 14 years.  I understand homeopathy as subtly helping my body to sort itself out, whether it be a physical or emotional problem and I have found Hilary to be a very skilled practitioner.

Andy C

Please note:  all testimonials represent the personal opinion of those who have given them and are not evidence of effectiveness.